You can earn the money you want to make, working for yourself and doing something you love (even if you're not sure what you want to do yet). 

I know how it feels to struggle to find what you want to do when you grow up, long after you've become an adult. My quest to discover the business I love is probably what inspired me to become a Registered Profiting From Your Passions Coach. Aside from formal training, I spent years studying what it takes to get clear on your dreams, and create a lifestyle and business that feel way-cool-steeped-in-bliss kind of good.

If you want to break free from working in someone else's business, this is for you.

So let's talk about you.

You're on the path to intentional living. A color-outside-the-liner. A renegade. The different one in your family. You are amazing.

You know you're meant to do something. And if you're not on the path to doing it, your perceptive soul feels the discomfort of living outside your purpose. Maybe you've felt that little tug? If you've been considering working for yourself, you may have so many interesting ideas that it's hard to make a decision. 

I want you to know...

  • You don't have to sell your soul to pay the bills
  • Work can be something you look forward to
  • Too many people are waiting for someday

Here's how I can help

I created Soul Print Map, a unique 3-session package designed to help you get clear and get moving toward working for yourself.

I use a hybrid approach of inner work and market research to deliver a business idea that's aligned with who you are and founded around relevant business principles. 

Here's how Soul Print Map works

Pre-Session: Before our first session, you receive an email with a special assignment to help me zero in on who you are and where to begin our journey.

Sessions 1 and 2: In each 45-minute session, we go over the previous assignment and I ask specific questions to help me create a big picture of a custom-fit business idea for you.

Your Soul Print Map: The following week, I go to work behind the scenes. You can take some time to relax while I put together a custom-fit business idea for you. I conduct market research and a viability analysis to ensure that your business idea is rooted in sound planning. You receive an emailed PDF containing at least 1 business idea, an overview of the work, potential income information and a next step suggestion, should you choose to move forward. This document is your Soul Print Map.

Session 3: In session 3, we discuss your Soul Print Map. We also review your next step, if you want to move forward, so that you leave the session with clarity and an action plan.