You’re not booked solid with paying, ideal clients. You know you need a plan, but creating a plan for attracting clients to your business can feel confusing, lonely and overwhelming.

At this point, many of your days might go something like this:

You take the eCourses. You read the books. You end up with so much information all you want to do is unplug and think of something else. Why isn’t this working?

You need an opt-in because you need a list. What should you offer in your opt-in, so you can grow a list? So you can make money... So you can finally get this business off the ground. What’s an opt-in again?

Okay, time to write a blog post. What do people want to read? Maybe if you go on Facebook for a while, it’ll come to you. Or not.

How do you stand out so clients can find you? You need to brand your business. How does that work? And why does everyone else make it all look so easy?

Enough. What if someone could step in and stop the chaos, figure out why you’re not attracting more clients and sort out all the details, giving you a clear action plan for shifting your business and attracting clients? 

Someone can <me!>. I've been where you are. As a left/right brain split, I tortured myself when it came to business decisions and information overwhelm. It took me years and a lot of wasted money to figure out exactly how to attract a steady stream of ideal clients. I've woven that clarity, experience and knowledge into a 2-day Client Attraction virtual retreat, called Soul Print Sleepover.

You come away with step-by-step, personalized instructions on how to attract clients, without having to set foot out your door, take months of classes or fork over thousands in expensive "training" that leaves you even more confused. 

This is not for everyone.

Before we go further, I want to be transparent by saying this program and my approach is not for everyone. I weave storytelling, journal writing, inner practices and what I call informal “real talk”, into my work. I take every client’s situation on a case-by-case basis, which means that the same program may focus on different areas for different people (because while all businesses share some common ground, your situation is unique, like you!). I do my best work with career coaches, life coaches, homesteaders and intentional living enthusiasts who live to the beat of their own drum. 

For this program to work for you, you should:

  • Have a website, blog or both

  • Have worked with at least some paying clients

  • Understand that inner work impacts your outer results

  • Enjoy right-brained, creative approaches

Here's how Soul Print Sleepover Works:

Step 1: We book your session at least 1 week ahead because you'll receive heart-work (digital workbook questions and journal prompts that help me get to the truth of what's going on) to complete and send back to me via email and this must be done before our first phone session.

Step 2: You receive heart-work assignments via email and you email your completed work back to me. In these assignments, I ask relevant questions that get to the heart of what’s not working in your business so that we can focus on only the actions that will attract ideal clients to work with you.

Step 3: I do a full audit by looking at all aspects of your business. I look deeply at your website, blog, branding, niche, ideal client, offerings, pricing and the words you use.  If you don't have some of these items in place, don't panic. We start where you are and go from there.

Step 4: We meet by phone for 1 hour to discuss the answers you emailed me from your heart-work and the ideas I have about what in your business needs attention for you to attract more ideal clients to work with you. You can voice your concerns, ask questions and tell me anything you think I need to know. This collaborative session sets the stage for transformation.

Step 5: The amazing begins. You can go watch a movie, enjoy a great dinner or snuggle up under your favorite blanket. I’ll be behind the virtual cabin door, weaving the action plan to shift your business. Sleep sweet and get ready to celebrate a business breakthrough. We reconnect by phone the following day. 

Step 6: When we reconnect by phone, you will have received the following things:

  • An opt-in offer idea that your website visitors will actually want to sign up for

  • 8 fully researched blog post ideas, complete with titles already done for you (if you post weekly, this is enough to last for 2 months!)

  • A social media plan, detailing the 2 platforms you should be concentrating your efforts on and exactly how to make those efforts translate into more paying clients

  • A list of any website or blog changes needed to solidify your branding and attract client

  • A niche statement that concisely communicates what value you bring and who it’s for

  • Feedback on packaging and pricing

  • A Mindset Map, indicating how your mindset may be helping you or holding you back. Your Mindset Map also gives instructions about how to clear blocks and create a mental story that manifests success.

  • A digital brand PDF that helps you keep your future marketing efforts aligned with your unique brand

  • A personalized strategy document that pulls it all together in one convenient place. Your strategy document gives you clear action steps to put the changes in motion without confusion or expending unnecessary energy in the wrong directions.

Get Started:

The investment for the Soul Print Sleepover experience is $977. When all is said and done, it’s much more cost effective to invest $977 and receive clear answers and a plan you can follow without throwing away countless hours trying to figure it all out, only to end up frustrated and back to square one. Every day that passes that you’re not attracting clients to your business, your losing money and your tribe is losing out on what you have to offer. Investing $977 to stop the money-loss makes good business sense. 

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