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“She gets people on such a deep intuitive level”

Jenny provides the safe open space for people to come and be themselves and tap into their deep passion and talents. She invites you into her life as if you've always been friends. Her warmth draws you out, helps you find the things you have always known but that you may have lost along the way. She gives you the courage to face the fears you've never been able to say out loud. She gets people on such a deep intuitive level that she can sense the speed at which people want to grow and change. She doesn't push or apply anything to you that doesn't fit. She believes in her clients and has the rare combination of tenacity and tenderness that allows something beautiful in people to unfold.

- Sarah Tudor, OBM, Tudor Design Co.


“Her effectiveness is immeasurable"

Jenny began as my coach, but ended up becoming so much more! Of course, she provided structures and assignments that held me accountable during my process, but it was the relationship we built that was invaluable! Jen was invested not only in my progress, but also in me, my ideas, and my message that I want to share with the world. Through her inquiry, support, direction, and her listening ear, I created more than my website; I created clarity about who I am, what I do, and how valuable my contribution is to my clients’ lives. Jenny is a God-send. Her effectiveness is immeasurable.

- Noelle Jones, Owner, Inkerij, Inc and Noe You Matter


"If you struggle with self-doubt, inner critic or clarity around your business, talk to Jenny "

Jenny's ability to fluidly move from a right to left brain lens gives her clients the benefits of an intuitive mindset coach and a savvy business mentor. Within minutes of speaking with Jenny, you can sense that she knows what it takes to run a successful coaching business and that she cares about you as a person, as well. I am a Federal Prison Consultant; Jenny's mindset coaching skills have helped my clients with clarity and confidence. Jenny possesses a strong business acumen and a unique ability to connect with people at a deep level. I trust her completely. I know firsthand how much your mindset can influence and drive your life and your business. If you struggle with self-doubt, inner critic or clarity around your business, talk to Jenny. I think you’ll be glad you did.

- Dan Wise, Federal Prison Coach - RDAP Dan | Federal Prison Time Consultants, LLC


“If you are looking for a smart and intuitive business and branding coach, you have arrived“

There is one word for Jenny Good and that’s “Excellent”. If you are looking for a smart and intuitive business and branding coach, you have arrived. Jenny has the ability to understand the personal objectives of your business and where you want to take it. She listens, probes, and gets a firm grasp of where you want to go and why. This type of personal service from a brilliant business mind is invaluable. Simply stated, you can’t put a price on it.  Go for it, work with her, you will not be disappointed.

- Stephen Theard, Realtor


“Jenny, working with you opened my eyes”

Jenny, working with you opened my eyes to what was truly possible for me. I highly recommend anyone who feels stuck to work with you!

J. Michalik, Grief Coach, Ouch Its Grief


"Jenny’s marketing insights were spot on"

Jenny’s marketing insights were spot on and easy to understand and put into action. Within minutes of talking, she was able to zero in on how to move the business forward. 

- Rebecca E. Poole


“I walked away from my time with you having so much clarity”

Are we wrapping up already? This is so bitter sweet! From the bottom of my heart I am truly grateful for you and all that you have poured in to me. I would not and will not be a great businesswoman without your help. I walked away from my time with you having so much clarity. I hope you further your work and continue to share your amazing talents. Thanks for bringing greatness out of me!

Terrica Jackson, Coach and Motivational Speaker, IAspire2Inspire

“As a result of working with Jenny, I'm enjoying more confidence”

Working with Jenny as my Life Coach has really helped to shine a light on some very important key areas of my life. She brings a unique perspective to our sessions. Her creativity and joy in helping others comes through in every call. As a result of working with Jenny, I'm enjoying more confidence, connecting with a deeper sense of inner power, and started making some much needed positive changes in my life. For anyone who has considered the professional services of a Personal Life Coach, I highly recommend Jenny.

- B. Dye

"Words can’t express how impressed I am"

I felt that Jenny really listened to me. Words can’t express how impressed I am with how spot on she is with understanding who I am and where I want to be, within myself. Since beginning coaching with Jenny, my marriage has improved and I’m closer to where I want to be. Jenny doesn’t push beyond comfort; she has a soft approach but yet with brisk, positive results.

- Ryan Park


"Coaching with Jenny helped me get clear"

Coaching with Jenny helped me get clear on what I needed to do and to hold me accountable for staying on track.

- Marvin Ramirez


“Focused and intelligent”

Friendly and helpful. Empathetic and compassionate. Focused and intelligent. Jenny helped me recognize my unique talents and understand what I offer. I’ve worked with Jenny one-on-one and in a group setting and I found her to be a resourceful solution provider and a true leader… she genuinely cares about the people she works with.

- Larry Johnson