Your mindset can elevate you... or imprison you in self-doubt.

When you break free from the inner critic and develop a winning mindset, doors start opening for you. You sleep better at night, feeling confident in your decisions. You don’t need to compare yourself to the person next to you because you’re clear on where you’re going and what to do next.

But right now, that's not your reality. You worry about being good enough, and you second-guess your decisions. You feel stuck. Even when you think you’re on the right path, the inner critic rears her head, opening that wound of self-doubt.

It can be hard to grow your business or enjoy your life because there's a debilitating story playing in your head. 

You've probably tried to overcome this before. 

Maybe you took a self-help course, journaled or read an eBook or two. You might have tried just ignoring those uneasy thoughts, only to find that you’re doubting yourself again.

The whole process can be exhausting. I know that first-hand.

I wrestled with self-doubt and a defeating mindset. 

For years, I waited for people who didn’t treat me so well to erase my insecurities. I gave away my power to the negative voice that told me I was not good (smart, pretty, small, wealthy or insert whatever else here) enough.

I believed a story that blocked me from success.

That’s why I developed SOULarium, a 4-session path to shifting from self-doubt to confidence and clarity.  

During the SOULarium experience you will

  • Identify and heal from wounds that cause self-doubt

  • Access your personal power and neutralize your inner critic

  • Choose a focus issue about which to gain more clarity

  • Learn a powerful technique to gain clarity around any issue

  • Create a new internal story that empowers you to succeed

Here's what to expect during SOULarium sessions

Sessions happen on the phone. You can attend your sessions from anyplace you'd like, but I suggest being in a space you find calm, relaxing and emotionally safe.

Before each SOULarium session, you mail me the homework assigned for that week.

During your SOULarium sessions, you can expect my focused attention, empathy, guidance, safety and love. 

After each SOULarium session, you'll receive an emailed Soul Seed Card. Soul Seed Cards are tiny bits of intuition that plant a seed for something more. Each one is created specifically for you.

You can do this. 

This work requires courage and trust. It's not effortless but you're worth the effort. I've designed SOULarium to move at a doable pace and to help you make profound progress in gentle ways. You're supported and witnessed in this program. You come away with invaluable tools to manifest what you want, repel negativity and enjoy your life path.

The investment for SOULarium is $600.

Click below to get started, or email me if you have questions.