What is the inner critic?

The inner critic is a major saboteur to your dreams, your business and your happiness. That cunning inner voice knows just how to play at your weaknesses and cause you to doubt yourself.

I have good and bad news about your inner critic...

The bad news is, you'll deal with the inner critic, off and on, your entire life. Especially when you step out of your comfort zone and go after things that matter to you. The good news about the inner critic is, you can learn to make peace with the inner critic and free yourself from it's negative effects. Once you learn to do this, you have tools to empower yourself to stop second-guessing your instincts and start embracing what you really want to be doing.

When you learn to create freedom from your inner critic, you gain confidence and happiness and you begin pulling more positive things into your path, as opposed to negative on top of more negative. Imagine the relief of never again being bogged down by your inner critic's voice. 

The SOULarium Sessions:

I developed a transformational 4-module program to guide you through healing toxic internal messages, reclaiming your inner knowing, making peace with the inner critic and moving forward with confidence. The tools I teach in the SOULarium Sessions can be used every time the inner critic showing up in your business or your life.

The SOULarium Sessions work like this:

Each Monday, a module is delivered to your Inbox. Each week's module contains a lesson and a mix of writing journal assignments, guided meditations and heart-work assignments (heartwork is like homework for sensitive souls). After completing your heartwork and sending it to me, we meet by phone for 30 minutes of 1-to-1 coaching, where we can delve deeper and do the work of gently breaking free.

Are you ready to break free? You can decide how much to pay...

Investment for the SOULarium Session's 4 email Modules + 4 coaching sessions: Name Your Investment - I am experimenting with a special pricing model; you can decide how much to pay. If you want to move forward with the program, contact me using the form below and let me know what you believe is fair and doable for you. 

I know that investing in yourself can bring up many emotions, like fear, guilt or anxiety. But, I wonder how much money your inner critic has cost you by holding you back? Or how much joy you've missed out on because of the confinement of self-doubt.  Investing in yourself is one of the most sound investments you'll ever make... for you and for the people you love, because everyone benefits when you show up authentically, unencumbered by the inner critic's bonds. If you're ready to break free, just fill in the blanks below and click the green button. 

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Storyline: While my work is carried out online and on the phone, I use the art of storytelling to add richness, depth and wonder to our journey. I created a story behind SOULarium,  my signature program for breaking free from the critic within.

Imagine that...

You sit at the edge of the baseball field. It's now quiet grasses were brimming with kids playing ball just an hour before. You stayed behind when they left because you needed to clear your head. The sun comforts you as you lay back, thinking about how excited you'd been to start this work project, and how sure you were that it was right for you. But almost like clockwork, the self doubt started creeping in, and by the next day, you had no idea what to do anymore. This always happens. You get excited about something and you feel the relief of being sure, but then the inner critic shows up reminding you of all the reasons it will never work... All the reasons you're not good enough, smart enough, strong enough or otherwise capable of this. 

A sigh escapes your lips and your eyes close in response to the sun. A few moments later, you're jolted to your feet by a high-pitched horn. "All aboard for SOULarium!" A woman dressed in an olive green caftan looks at you and waits... "Well, are you going or aren't you? We can't be late." 

"Going where; where or what is SOULarium?" you ask. 

"It's in the Soul Print Forest, of course. You've been invited, and believe me when I tell you, you're going to love it there. Besides, spending all your time with the inner critic is kind of sad."

How did she know about the... oh, never mind. You might as well see what this is all about. You know what they say, if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. Or something like that. 

Half suspecting you fell asleep and are now meandering through a dream, you board the bus and head out to Soul Print Forest. In a while, the bus stops in front of a time-worn cottage. The sign out front says you've arrived at the SOULarium. The driver leads you to the door, which opens just as you reach for the knob, revealing soft lantern lights and a rustic but comfortable looking sofa. Stepping in, you see a kitchen stocked with iron kettles atop an antique stove. You jump with a start as a short, dark-haired woman in a long black dress (that would be me!) greets you and offers you a seat. 

As we sit at the table sipping from warm mugs, I explain that SOULarium is a virtual cottage in an imaginary forest. A place where we do our important work together. The work of overcoming the inner critic and breaking free from self-doubt. I hand you a tool box. You'll be needing this for your journey. Opening it, you see a notebook for journaling, a phone for talking and a key for unlocking the cage imposed by the inner critic. If you're ready to be free from being held back by the inner critic's negative voice, read on and sign up at the bottom of the page. I'm rooting for you to break free...