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I’m Jenny: copywriter and success mentor for purpose-driven business owners. As a copywriter, I use words to build a bridge between your potential clients or customers and you. On this page, you'll find answers to many commonly asked questions. Please give it a read and then contact me to talk about your project and how I can help you attract more clients and make more money.




1. The words your potential clients read are a major factor in the level of success you see in your business. 

This matters to you because: Your website, blog, marketing materials and social media bios are an extension of your energy, your business and your dream. Your words are a portal between the person seeking what you offer and your offerings. Without a powerfully engaging message, your people won’t notice you. If they don’t notice you, they won't do business with you.

2. Purpose-driven business owners see better results when they align with a writer who shares their values and understands the pulse of their dream. 

This matters to you because: Every thing has an energy and a vibration. If a copywriter who didn’t really get you crafts your message, your results will reflect that, especially if she uses outdated, loud copywriting tactics. Your audience is sensitive to the hype and will go the other way. Just like there’s more to a person than a pretty face, the text on the page goes deeper than what you see at first glance. Every word should mirror your unique brand and your authentic essence. The one thing you have that no other business has is you. Work with a copywriter who understands your voice and brings it through very word she writes. Your audience can tell when you’re being real. People do business with people. It doesn't matter what you're selling, people get out their wallets when they connect with your message. 

3. Good copywriting asks meaningful questions, tells compelling stories and collaborates with your vision. 

This matters to you because: My copywriting services go far beyond creating paragraphs of text. When you work with me, you receive an email-based heartwork assignment (like homework for sensitive types) that hones in on the essence of your story and what you want to achieve through our work together. Then, we hop on the phone for a 1-on-1 clarity and branding intensive, so that we're 100% clear on the value you offer your clients. Throughout the entire process, you receive my focused attention. I treat your project like my baby because it’s your baby and I know how that feels.

4. Investing in education and training matters.

This matters to you because: When you work with me, you work with a professional. I invested in a college education with a concentration in Marketing. I am currently pursuing my graduate degree in Communication. My training in marketing means that I understand how to engage your clients through social media, which social media platforms will work best for your business and how to craft messages that encourage visitors to become consumers of your offerings and members of your community. It means I've spend many hours learning about consumer psychology so that I can more accurately advise you about what your audience is looking for and deliver messages that resonate with them. I trained with Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, of Red Hot Copy, to ensure that I have the skills to write words that capture the attention of your tribe, inspire them to take action and invite them into community. I also invested in educating myself at Market Motive, an industry gold-standard search engine optimization and digital marketing educator. My training with Market Motive taught me to create optimized messages that rank well in Google’s search engine. For you, this means your message gets to the people who are searching for it via Google's search engine. I am an avid reader and researcher, and for you, that means my knowledge base does not wax stale. 

Good To Know: 

  • I love writing for life coaches, purpose-driven business owners, crunchy entrepreneurs, non-profits, intentional people and small businesses with a passion for what they do. If you're not one of those, we're probably not a good fit.