What's the difference between pre-marketing and marketing?

My definition of marketing is – The actions you take to create pathways from your ideal clients to you.

My definition of pre-marketing is – The actions you take to make your business and yourself ready so that when your ideal clients follow the path to you, they find what they need and they work with you.

Pre-marketing consists of 3 key pieces: Niche + Brand + Mindset

I can work with you on any of these components individually, or we can approach it holistically, working on all 3.

The Personal Brand Package


Your personal brand is the experience of doing business with you. It’s the soul of your business and it’s why a client would hire you as opposed to someone else. Your coaching practice is a business, and business is personal.

The Personal Brand package begins with a Digital Brand Audit, in which I look at all the pieces of your digital branding and make notes on my observations. Things I may look at include your website, social media bios, email marketing campaigns, blog and any other applicable digital branding elements. Don’t worry if you don’t have all that in place yet. We start from where you are.

In the Personal Brand package, we accomplish the following

  • Identify what makes you unique from other coaches

  • Discover what you most want to be known for

  • Craft an inspiring brand statement to guide your business decisions

  • Select colors that visually represent your personal brand

  • Select 2 social media platforms most align with your personal brand

  • PDF outlining the results from your Digital Brand Audit, including next steps for strengthening your digital personal brand

    Included in this package are

  • 4 brand coaching calls to give you 1-on-1 personalized attention

  • Digital Personal Brand Audit to assess what’s working and what can be better

  • PDF Digital Personal Brand Audit results so that you have clarity around what to improve and how to do it

  • Personal Brand Planner - PDF containing your brand’s color profile, brand statement and brand attributes, so that everything is laid out in a neat, non-overwhelming manner

Investment: $699

The Gathering: A step-by-step audio and workbook Pre-Marketing guide

The Gathering is an interactive story-based learning model that I created to teach the concepts of pre-marketing in a fun, engaging manner. In The Gathering, I teach 4 focus areas to build your pre-marketing bridge. The areas are as follows:

  • Guests, which are your Niche + Ideal Client

  • Essence, which is your Branding + Website

  • Mindset, which is your Internal Story

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