Too many life coaches, hippies and intentional entrepreneurs are going broke. They’re completing training for their important work, taking marketing classes and posting on social media till the cows come home, yet still struggling with client attraction. If this sounds familiar, you may be feeling stressed and unsure of what to do, or even thinking about giving up. It’s no fun to feel invisible when you’re trying to attract clients to work with you. And the bottom line is, without a steady stream of clients, your dream business isn’t going to pay the bills.

So here’s the problem… you’re trying to jump the lake without a bridge. When you move straight from skill training (such as coaching school, a healing modality training or copywriter’s course) to marketing, you leave out a whole layer of stuff that I call pre-marketing. Pre-marketing is a much-needed bridge between your training and your marketing efforts. I can teach you a step-by-step method to position your business so that your marketing does its job and you can do your job, and get paid for doing it.

What's the difference between pre-marketing and marketing?

My definition of marketing is – The actions you take to create pathways from your ideal clients to you.

My definition of pre-marketing is – The actions you take to make your business and yourself ready so that when your ideal clients follow the path to you, they find what they need and they work with you.

I'm not a marketing coach.

While I hold a degree with a marketing concentration, it’s not what I love to do most. I prefer focusing on the pre-marketing stuff that paves the way for your marketing to work. I think this is such an important missing piece, it brings me satisfaction to serve in this way. If you want a marketing coach, I suggest Tad Hargrave, over at (I'm not an affiliate; I think he does good work). I also suggest that you make sure your pre-marketing bridge is in place before marketing your business. To help with that, I created The Gathering.

The Gathering: A step-by-step audio and workbook Pre-Marketing guide

The Gathering is an interactive story-based learning model that I created to teach the concepts of pre-marketing in a fun, engaging manner. In The Gathering, I teach 4 focus areas to build your pre-marketing bridge. The areas are as follows:

  • Guests, which are your Niche + Ideal Client

  • Offerings, which are your Solution/s + Packaging

  • Essence, which is your Branding + Website

  • Mindset, which is your Internal Story

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