Sometimes we connect with someone who inspires us so much that we go on a mission of creating and doing, and then… the inspiration dims. Our families love us but may not understand what we’re trying to do. Our friends care too, but it can be hard to express freely when you’re worried about how the other person will respond.

So you keep all those thoughts in your head and things feel a little jumbled. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to have one hour every now and then… just for you?

A space where you could say anything you want without fear of judgment.

A place to get sweet clarity.

A time to feel empowered, heard and seen.

SOULflow is a monthly coaching session, where it’s all about you.


Here’s how it works

You commit to 1 monthly session for 6 months.

I discount your sessions to $100 per month.

We meet by phone and dive into anything you’d like to discuss.

I listen deeply and ask questions that help you get to the heart of the matter.

I follow up with a Soul Seed Card, an emailed digital card with a little intuitive insight, created especially for you.

You may also receive little goodies from me via email, between sessions.

Are you ready to get started with SOULflow?

I connect with a limited number of SOULflow clients, so please fill out the form below to check availability.

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