6 Steps to Drive Negative Energy Away From You This Christmas Season


Christmas is just around the corner; it’s a time when many people are rushing to complete last minute to-do’s.

If you’re struggling to experience the full joy of the Season, use these 6 steps to release negativity from your personal space…

Give Your Attention

Often, we half listen to our children or give an absent minded “uh-huh” as a friend tells us her troubles. Spend 30 minutes giving someone your 100% undivided attention. Listen, be curious and engage with that person. Turn your phone on silent and make eye contact (you do remember eye contact, right?). Mindful human connection can do you both a world of good.

Engage In Appreciation

Christmastime is a Season of beauty and wonder. It’s easy to get so busy that you miss the many amazing facets of this time. Take a few moments today to stop for 30 seconds and look around you. Notice the lights, the people smiling and the music. Think about something nice someone said to you or what you appreciate about your co-workers, your family or the person who held the door for you whose name you may not know. This mental gratitude journaling helps you plug into happiness and let go of stress.

Create A Soundscape

What you feed your soul directly impacts how you feel and what you attract. Pause right now and listen closely. What do you hear? Are the sounds of your environment soothing and happy or do they cause negative feelings? Think about how you might bring sounds that elevate your mood into your surroundings. For me, the gentle sound of a crackling fireplace and the wind chimes outside my window can relax me and sooth a tired mind. Christmas music instrumentals can also brighten my mood. Find your ideal soundscape and bring it close to you.

Invite Your Sense Of Smell

The sense of smell is a powerful tie to past memories and an influencer of current mood. There are ways to bring beautiful scents of the Season into your home without resorting to potentially toxic commercial air fresheners. Bake some Christmas cookies, simmer apple and cinnamon or spritz your favorite blanket with diluted organic peppermint essential oil. Be present with the scents you love. Close your eyes and inhale slowly. Think of a happy memory you associate with the smell. Make new memories to anchor to the scents you enjoy, as well.

Leverage Your Words

If you stick around the blog for long, you may notice that I believe in the power of words. Words can wound or heal. Uplift or oppress. Commit to speaking words that spread positivity. You could challenge yourself to pay 10 compliments today, or maybe to wish 20 people a Merry Christmas. Tell a family member you love them, or call someone who may not have family with them for the Holidays. Use the power of words to bring joy to others and yourself.

Lean Into Forgiveness

Finally, if you’re feeling low energy or high stress, think about if there may be some anger you’re holding onto right now. Is there someone you need to forgive? Are you carrying a burden of anger or resentment that’s zapping your energy and joy? The person you need to forgive can even be you. Speak forgiveness and healing aloud. It’s up to you if you literally tell the person you forgive them, but even if you choose not to tell them, process the forgiveness in your soul. Free yourself from carrying that heavy load. Doing this opens more space for you to enjoy the present moment.

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): Spend 2 minutes writing an action plan of 1 way you can use each of the steps in this post, today.