Exploring Possibility: Your Inner Story Is Running Your Life


Your internal story is influencing what you think and do, even as you read these words.

October 31 marks the “anniversary” of my mom’s passing. She bravely battled endometrial cancer for some time before passing on, with my sister, two of my children and me next to her. In this Autumn season, I’m prone to reflection, and at this time, especially, I think about my mom.

Among my fondest childhood memories, is my mom reading to me while we took cover from the rain under an outdoor glider’s canopy. If you were a child in the 70’s you may recall the large green and blue flower motifs set on a crinkly backdrop of something that seemed like plastic.

She brought a hefty stack of books and read to me from their captivating pages, as the rain dripped overhead. 

The possibilities in stories

Other times, she took me to a library that looked like a castle, where I further fell in love with stories. On an upper level of the castle-like structure, I admired the colorful carpet remnants we could sit on as we settled in for story time.

I checked out a book about a woman who traveled the forest in a pumpkin; it all seemed so amazing… as if anything were possible in a story. 

You believe in a story every day

Maybe you think stories are for kids, but I believe everything you think and do is based on a story. Your internal story. There’s a story playing on loop in the back of your mind during every waking moment.

It informs how you carry yourself, what you attract into your path and what you believe. It impacts your happiness, your career and your sense of self-confidence and worth. 

Whether clients come to me with questions around growing a business, seeking clarity or wrestling with that troublesome inner critic, the place to begin is the same… explore the internal story, because that story is controlling so much for each of us. 

Your story drives when you’re on auto-pilot

The great news about that is you can learn how to alter your internal story. Changing your story = changing your life. I once heard that we spend 45% of the day on autopilot.

That’s a large chunk of time, right? And where are the instructions coming from during that autopilot time? Your internal story. 

The first step to editing your internal story is to become fully aware of it. 

As I reflect on the wonderful things my mom gave me in her time on this earth, a fascination with stories remains one of my most treasured gifts from her. 

I haven’t been back to that childhood library for some time, but I remember the possibilities that seemed to float from every page. As if anything could happen.

It turns out it’s mostly true, that anything is possible in stories. 

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt):  Spend 2 minutes creating a summary of your internal story. If you feel blocked, as if you don’t know, just pretend you know and write whatever comes up from that perspective.