Answer this 1 powerful question and find your profitable niche


If coming up with a niche is throwing you for a loop, you have the wrong idea about what a niche really is. And that’s not to say anything negative towards you. There are plenty of misconceptions floating around about niching, so it’s easy to get the wrong idea. So, let’s talk about what a niche is and why it’s actually easy to find yours once you answer 1 powerful question.  

First, think about your ideal client

So, before you can carve out your niche, you have to think about your community. The people you serve, your tribe, target market, etc. It all means the same thing. Now narrow that community down to just one person, your ideal client. Get a good mental picture of her… what she looks like, what matters to her, her age, her habits and so forth.

I’ll give you a minute…

Know her problem(s)

Okay, so now, write down her problem(s). Include what makes her uncomfortable, what keeps her up at night, what she is seeking an answer for and etc.

Here's the question for finding your niche:

What problem will you help her solve?

After you’ve written down your answers, look at that list and decide which of those problems you can help her solve. So for example, if one of the things she wants a solution for is feeling isolated because she works from her seventh story apartment as a writer… you could create an online community for entrepreneurs or for writers, more specifically. If she is a new mom and her biggest problem is feeling overwhelmed and stressed, you might offer meditation coaching or 5-minute journal prompts for busy, stressed-out moms.  

How simple was that?

And guess what. That’s your niche! Your niche is what you do for the community you serve. Can it be that simple? Yes! It can. 

So, today, focus on being totally clear on who you serve, what she cares about and what she is seeking solutions to. Then, decide how you want to show up with a solution to her problem(s). Voila. You have a niche. And as for it being profitable? If you’re offering a solution for what keeps her up at night, it’s a profitable niche. 

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): Create a short story about your ideal client. Include as much information as you can imagine about what she cares about, what she reads, what she values and what keeps her awake at night. Next write about how you want to show up to offer a solution to something that keeps her up at night. Declare this as your niche. For real. Claim it and write is down: My niche is _______________________.