Is your approach to social media growing your business? Part 2


Get a piece of paper. Write down your business goal for using social media. That’s it, get all that business language out. Use the word metric once or twice and don’t forget to make it a measurable goal. Got it? Great! Now, wad that paper up and put it in the trashcan. 

Too many people already contribute to the social media noise with their goals, agendas and metrics. If you want to make social media work for your purpose-driven business, you have to stop being one of them.

What do you do instead? 

You create a center of meaning

Instead of pushing your agenda, digital fake smiling and flooding feeds with your business promotions, carve out a space that holds meaning for your ideal client. 

What if you reframe the way you view social media's purpose in your business?

In Part 1 of this social media series, I told you that being on social media isn’t enough. I said the quality of the interactions you engage in is what matters. If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

So, what constitutes "good quality" when it comes to interacting on social media?  Remember the reframe I spoke of in Part 1? Here it comes….


Instead of making a goal to drive people to your website or to get them to sign up for your free eCourse (or whatever other business goals you thought you had for social media), choose 2 emotions you want your ideal client to feel as a result of interacting with you.

For me, that would be “genuinely listened to” and “inspired”. That’s how I want my ideal client to feel during and after interacting with me.

Guess what! Doing it this way actually attracts people to do all that stuff you wanted them to do in the first place, except now they like you and trust you a lot more.

And here’s the wildly amazing part about doing social media this way: it attracts people to you! They do go to your website. They do sign up. They do say “Yes!”

Because you didn’t sell to them. You just treated them kindly and authentically.

It’s the difference between encountering you on social media and interacting with you on social media. 

If you make someone feel like they matter, they’ll remember that and they’ll remember you.

It’s so much more powerful than contributing to the noise.

In the final installment of this social media series, I’ll give you a rundown on which social media platforms work best for different types of ideal clients.

Knowing which social media spaces your ideal client hangs out on saves you from wasting lots of time and energy in the wrong places.  

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Assignment): What are 2 emotions I want my ideal client to feel during and after interacting with me on social media?

P.S. Are you totally clear on who your ideal client is? Because if not, you might want to check out the free 5-day eCourse I created to help you get clear about your ideal client. By the end of the eCourse, you have a full profile of your ideal client, including where you can find her and what she wants from you. Check it out here