Is your approach to social media growing your business?


Did you make an Instagram account, a Facebook page and become a Pinner on Pinterest? Do you Tweet every day, and think this social media thing isn’t so hard after all? What if I told you being on social media will not attract clients to work with you. 

Yikes. Not the most encouraging message, huh? Still, it needs saying. If you hop on social media and post something every day, you might feel a false sense of business building.

In reality, what you’re doing is wasting time. 

The Power Of Social Media Is In How You Use It

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool, but it has to be used correctly to be powerful. 

Hopping on and posting something and then logging off is like this…

The Common Mistake

Suppose you joined a book discussion group. The group meets every Wednesday and every Wednesday, you stroll down to the library meeting room, open the door, yell something and leave.

You'd never do that because it's obnoxious, right?

Besides being baffled at your weird behavior, do you think the other group members would get to know you? Do you think they'd have conversations with you or become your friends? How could they?

It's easy to forget that online interactions are still interactions. There are humans on the other side of the screen.

A Better Way

Now let’s go back and imagine this playing out differently…

Same Wednesday night book group. You show up every week and you interact with the group. What does that mean? You talk and you listen. You ask questions and listen some more. You make people feel heard, important and interesting.

You do this because you’re genuinely interested in them.  

It Pays To Be Present

In your conversations with the group, you mention being a house painter. A few months later, one of the group members needs a paint job on her house. She immediately remembers that you do that work and she calls you. You get the job.

Do you think that would ever happen if you just kept stepping in, yelling and leaving without caring to interact with the group? No.

Yes, social media is an important part of marketing your business. But simply being on social media is not enough.

The key is to use it as an interaction tool and not as a means to blast your message and leave. 

Keep It Simple

Electronic community works best when we use the foundational rules of in-person community. Being nice, listening, showing you care, having manners and so forth. You can read this post on marketing with kindness, for more on that.

It's simple if you allow it to be simple. 

2-Minute Takeaway: Think of the social media platform you use most. What is the central goal for being there? Make this very specific. So instead of “To attract clients” you might say “To drive traffic to my newsletter's landing page and get people to sign up.”