Why I'm Calling Bologna on Many of the Client Attraction "Solutions" I See


First, HAPPY NEW YEAR :-) So, I was reading online and I happened upon a coach’s website who specializes in helping other coaches find their niches. She mentioned that if you’re not booked with clients, it’s a problem with your niche. Then, I went to a copywriter’s website. She said if you’re not booked with clients, there’s a problem with your copy. Both of them confidently claimed to have the solution, and both of them were equally adamant that if you’re not seeing success as a life coach, it had to be because of "this one" issue. Bull-oh-knee

A good business mentor will look at the whole picture first:

If you come to me to find out how to attract more clients, I put on the hat of business diagnostician. I need to look at your website, niche, mindset, marketing, branding, the words used in any client attraction endeavors... and other stuff, too. Basically, I need to see the whole situation so that I can make an accurate decision about what’s blocking you from attracting the clients you want to attract.

If someone makes a blanket statement about having the 1 solution to client attraction, think long and hard about trusting that person: 

No way could I make an honest statement that having a great brand or compelling sales copy or a tempting opt-in offer (or any number of other pieces of the puzzle) solves every client attraction problem. You might have all those things just right and, for you, perhaps it’s an issue with who you’re targeting with your message. Or maybe you have that part down and it’s an issue with trying to sell your methodologies instead of the results your clients get from working with you. Every person is unique and every business, being an extension of the person running it, is also unique. If someone makes a blanket statement about having the 1 solution to client attraction, think long and hard about trusting that person. 

Many pieces go into running a successful life coaching practice:

The truth is, there are many pieces to the whole picture where client attraction is concerned. There’s branding, copy, website usability, opt-in offers to grow your list, marketing, social media, your niche, your mindset and the relevance of your offerings to your potential clients. Any or all of these areas may need to be addressed to attract all the clients you want. It makes me angry that some people calling themselves coaches, teachers or mentors are making it seem like attracting clients is as simple as this one thing, across the board. To me, it feels predatorial and that's not what I want for my community of women trying to make a good living doing meaningful, purpose-driven work.

Client attraction can involve some work. When you're booked solid, you'll be glad you did the work:

I know that doesn’t sound as easy as having just 1 big solution to all your client attraction woes. Building a business is often challenging, but when you break through to making a great living doing meaningful work you love, it’s worth the struggle to get there. 

Zoom out and find the problem. Then, focus in on the best way to fix it:

When you get a full assessment of your business, you can decide which area(s) you need to focus on and that lets you spend money and time only where it’s going to benefit you. I offer a client attraction solution that does exactly that, and you can check it out here. Even if you decide my program isn’t a good fit for you, I hope you'll work with someone who can evaluate the many different aspects of your business, instead of just one area. Once you know what the problem really is, it's so much easier to address it. Otherwise, you're taking stabs in the dark and hoping your money is being well spent in the process.

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): Having someone assess all aspects of my business may reveal more areas of work for me to achieve success. My dream is worth the work because: 


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