Why You Need White Space to Grow Your Business

Ever feel like the more you try to grow your business, the more stuck you get? You may be onto something there.

When you’re growing a business, it can be tempting to shoot straight for the top.

You see the big names in your niche and you want to have the success they enjoy. Then, there’s this app and that program and those books… all teaching you how to be more efficient and hack through the layers to get straight to the top.

We're bombarded with the message that to be successful, we have to go faster, do more and keep moving. What if that’s a lie?

What if growing your business means that you actually need slowness and the empty space? What if you need the white space in order to create a successful business?

We confuse stillness with emptiness.

In graphic design, white space refers to the white, empty space on a webpage, billboard, graphic or etc. Except, it isn’t really empty at all.

White space holds value and meaning. It frames the colors and information on the page. It provides room for thought and digestion of information. It gives your brain a chance to focus long enough to take in the meaning of what’s there.

Without white space, the message gets lost in the chaos.

As a purpose-driven business owner, you have a message to share. Getting your message in front of the people who seek what you offer is vital to your success.

It can feel urgent to get it right and get it done this instant. I invite you to take a deep breath and slow down.

Let the efficiency app collect some dust. Do something the old fashioned, slow way. Invest time in something that is not designed to hack your business straight to the top in 1 month or less.

Allow for space to process.

Get into conversations with the people you serve. Get into conversation with your inner knowing. Allow enough white space for you to process, expand and center.

I'm not saying you should stop trying to grow your business. I'm not saying you should loaf around all day and your business will take care of itself. But, there is a need for stillness and rest.

Find out what really needs to happen next.

In that container, you will hear the whispers of what really needs to happen next. In that space, the efforts you've sown... the ones that hit the nail on the head... will take root and bring more abundance to your business. 

In the long run, the truly successful purpose-driven business will be one that embraces the white space and flows with it instead of fighting to keep every moment filled with productivity and busy-ness.

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): How does staying busy and distracted disempower you?