Why Your Dream Board May Leave You Feeling Empty (and how to fix it)


Too often we mistakenly focus on what we seek to attain, feeling let down when reaching the goal doesn't make us happy. This happens because we are not truly seeking things. We are seeking feelings. 

Creating a dream board and having it in a visible spot can be a positive energy magnet, but only if it’s done correctly. If not, you might end up feeling empty, even if you attain the things you put on your dream board. 

The key idea here is that the material things on your dream board are not really what you long for. You long for the feelings that you associate with having those things. You might really love to own a shiny new car but the deeper desire might be feelings of accomplishment, security or peer acceptance. The debt-free tiny house would be amazing, but the deeper desire might be for financial health, less stress and living true to your values. 

How many times have you heard stories of wealthy football players or actresses who turned to drugs or alcohol because of the depression of feeling empty? We may wonder how they could have all the material wealth that they have and still feel disconnected or dissatisfied. It’s because they didn’t feel how they wanted to feel. The money and material comforts are not enough to create happiness. We have to find our values, decide what makes us happy and focus on attaining the feeling instead of the things.

When we focus on how we want to feel as opposed to what we want to own, it shifts the energies and sets us up for satisfaction rather than an empty feeling. What feelings would you put on your dream board? Security? Closeness with family? Inner calm? Accomplishment? Love? Once you know how you want to feel, think about how you can visually represent those feelings. You can use pictures, colors or words too represent the way you want to feel. Focusing on this type of dream board for a few minutes at the start of your day can help you stay aligned with your true goals and dreams. Knowing how you want to feel is as important to your journey as knowing where you want to go when you look at a map. 

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): I want to feel _____________________ and I represent those feelings with __________________________________.