Hitting the Ground Running Can Make You Trip and Fall


Creating a morning ritual can help you attract more of what you want in your life. 

The alarm goes off. You rub your sleepy eyes and reach for your phone. Did anyone call? Comments on your blog post? What about emails? For many people, this sounds all too familiar. There is a pressure to be always on and we often become “connected” before our feet even hit the floor. 

It can feel like you’re already behind when you wake up in the morning, but in truth, this negative energy is something we impose on ourselves. It is a façade that you need to hit the ground running. That mentality can actually put you behind, instead of increasing your productivity. 

One of the most helpful productivity hacks you’ll find is engaging in a soul-nourishing morning ritual. I should add that your ritual need not be in the morning, but rather at the beginning of your day. My days often begin after morning, as I deeply enjoy being awake in the quiet of night. The idea is to start gently. To create space for intention and meaningful connection. To honor the gift of another day by doing something to care for yourself. When you begin slowly and gently in this way, you set a tone of love, gratitude and meaning. If you spend just ten minutes on your morning ritual, your entire day’s productivity and joy is likely to return to you many fold. 

So what should you do in your morning ritual? Anything that nourishes you. Experiment with different things and see what feels right and good to you. Here are 5 ideas for creating a morning ritual that brings positive energy to your day:

1.    Prayer. You might start your day with thanking God for another day. Focus on what you feel gratitude for and ask for guidance and protection during your upcoming day.

2.    Lemon water. I really enjoy starting my day with lemon water. Lemon has many benefits and it feels good to know you’re beginning the day doing something that’s good for your body. To reap the most benefits from drinking lemon water, drink it at room temperature and use organic lemons.

3.    Meditation. Chanting or sitting quietly and allowing your mind to gently wake up is a beautiful way to begin the day. Create a special space that speaks to you. For me, it would be comfy floor pillows and soft string lights, filtered through a lace tablecloth fabric. 

4.    Watch the sunrise. We can spend so much time at desks and laptops that we forget the amazing beauty of nature. Brew a cup of tea and wrap up in your favorite blanket as you watch the sun rise. Feel the breadth of appreciation for this miracle of beauty. Set the intention for what you will do with this day. 

5.    Journal. Writing in a journal can take you places you may have thought you’d never reach. It’s easy to become busy and forget to write in your journal. Or to simply feel too tired at the end of your day. Try waking up 10 minutes earlier and using that time to write whatever comes to mind. You’ll discover so much and you won’t have to find the time later in the day. 

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): Here are 5 things I could try out for my morning ritual.