Google Rewards Mobile Responsive Websites


Google will soon give mobile responsive websites higher placement in search engine results. 

Awesome! And what does that mean to you, right? Here's a little audio to explain how this change impacts you and why Google is doing this. If you already understand all that, you can skip the audio and read below:


How can I tell if my website is mobile responsive?

There are a couple of ways you can check. You can use Google's Mobile-Friendly Test tool or you can load your website on a mobile device such as an iPhone or an iPad and look at how your website appears on the device. Specifically, you are looking for a couple of things that let you know your website is mobile responsive; on the mobile device, do your navigation links appear as 3 clickable bars? And, on the mobile device, does your website scroll down only (i.e. not left to right)? If the answer to those 2 questions are yes, your website is mobile responsive. 

What should I do if my website is not mobile responsive?

Google can be a deal breaker or deal maker in your online marketing, so it's almost always worth the time and money invested in making sure your website appears high in Google's search engine results. If your website is not mobile responsive, it's time to talk to your web designer about making the upgrade. The change in ranking criteria is expected to take effect on April 21, 2015 so now is the time to get a mobile responsive website in place, if you do not have one now.

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): When I embrace relevant technology it helps grow my microbusiness. What qualities do I want to bring into my life to help me embrace the technology I want to use?