What If You Started Right Now?


What if you started right now? If all the wandering and pondering brought you to this moment and this place, so that you could start right now? You'll never shine your light if you always wait until another time.

As I birth the Soul Print Journey program, I encounter so much internal resistance. This is to be expected anytime we move more deeply into a place of authenticity and expression. Even knowing this to be true, I am tempted, at times, to give audience to self-doubt... to allow myself to be distracted in this direction or that. Giving in to giving up would mean being cheated of this thing that I am soulfully and lovingly invested in. This thing that I want to bring to my people. 

As I sit with this and consider what purpose this experience serves, I want to share this with you:

As a soulful solopreneur, you really care about what you're doing. Yes, it is meant to provide you financial sustenance, but also to express a purpose rooted deep in your soul. It matters. When it means so much, it is so easy to second guess yourself. The voice of the inner critic takes place in your mind and you wonder if you're ready to begin. Maybe you need more training or maybe you should wait until you have more time. Perhaps you need better head shots for your website or more time to think (or re-think or re-re-think) your offerings. Will people really want what you have to give? Is it really enough? Your inner critic will tell you many lies, often masquerading as totally logical points, when you are moving out of your comfort zone and going after your dream.

These lingering thoughts are normal. They come to keep you safe and though they mean well, they can obscure your light if you let them. Don't let them. 

There are those who teach that you have to know where you're going in order to arrive. Surely planning has its place, but I invite you to choose a different belief when it comes to the path of your important work. I know for sure that some of the most important steps on my path have been taken without my knowing where they would lead.

To walk in faith is a sacred and beautiful thing.

You can release the burden of needing to know everything. In this life, we will not know everything. Not having all the answers is okay. You can move forward in your soulwork without knowing everything... without having every duck in a row... without perfect head shots... without even knowing exactly where you're going. 

When you're called to do something, it's time to do it. It really is okay to start right now.

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): What do you feel yourself being called to do?

Love and Prosperity,