Clearing Space to Grow Your Business


Because I firmly believe that growing your business is a spiritual and intimate thing, I see parallels between my journey to intentional living and the journey of soulful entrepreneurs… a journey to connect with purpose and to live purpose in a way that nourishes financially, spiritually and communally.

As matriarch of my little neo-minimalist tribe, I’ve witnessed real change within our family since embarking on this intentional lifestyle. I’ve experienced growing pains and blinked back tears when letting go of what weighs me down in favor of opening to what aligns with my soul.

One of the ways my family and I are reducing clutter and creating space is to go semi-paperless. I purchased a small scanner and a few days ago, we started scanning pictures and documents and throwing away the paper versions of those items.

{For those who may not know, I lost my oldest son, Zarse, in 2008. For some time, I held on to everything I could that had to do with Zarse. Over time, it felt okay to let go of some things.}

Well, the other day, when scanning things, I let go of some more of the tangible versions of pictures, cards and documents. I kept a few in paper form, but I let go of many. A wave of emotions moved through me and I decided that was okay. I thought about how if I create space I can open to ways of loving and remembering that make me feel happier and more aligned.

I also know that my bond with Zarse is not based on how many papers I keep or how many boxes sit in storage, housing my memories. Our bond isn’t inside the boxes.

Your worth and your amazing gifts and talents are not inside some other person’s definition of business, either. There’s something in you that needs to be expressed and it has the potential to change the world for the better.

When you hold on to what you think a business has to look like or when you force yourself to carry the oh-so-heavy burden of doing it like “everyone else” is doing it (instead of what seems good and right to you), it can feel overwhelming. You can choose to release the burdens and create new space for what nourishes you instead. Isn’t that beautiful… that you get to choose?

To grow your business in aligned, successful ways, you have to be willing to experience the growing pains of letting go. Tears may come. Doubt WILL come. And all of that is okay. The key to moving through it is to trust that you are doing what is needed to experience a new result. The world desperately needs brave souls who are unafraid of engineering new results and new ways.

This inner work is such a huge part of growing financially abundant businesses. Business is personal and emotional. And as with intentional or minimalist living, it’s about holding space for what you truly love while letting go of that holds you back.

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): Today, just for a little while, consider what emotional clutter might be taking up valuable space in your soul. What might you see more clearly if you chose to release it all?