Top 6 Client-Costing Mistakes I See Life Coaches Making on Their Websites


So many life coaches are wondering why they aren’t attracting more clients. It’s beyond discouraging to spend thousands on training only to find it’s a constant uphill struggle to get life coaching clients. Your website is your storefront and often, the first impression you make on your audience. If your coaching business isn’t booming, you might want to look at your website to find out why. 

Mistake 1: Trying to sell coaching

Why it’s a mistake: To provide value to your tribe, you have to offer a solution to a problem that keeps them up at night or a means to a dream that excites their very soul. How many times do you imagine your ideal client lying awake and thinking, “Man I need a coach. If only I could reframe this situation and have someone around who practices active listening so that I can live my best life!” Yeah, probably not. Coaching is a powerful tool. It’s one of the ways you help your clients get where they want to go, but it is not the thing they’re buying from you. 
What’s the remedy? Identify the top 3 reasons your clients hire you and sell these results on your website (hint – what do clients thank you for in testimonials? This is what they value.)

Mistake 2: Using outdated design.

Why it’s a mistake: When a potential client clicks into your blog or website and sees tiny text, dated graphics and a curser effect when they move their mouse, it screams cheap and desperate. You want your website to be a digital expression of your brand. And I’m sure your brand is neither cheap nor desperate. If you’re not clear on why a brand matters to you, check out this post on why building your brand is vital to your business. 
What’s the remedy? Invest in a design that showcases the essence of your brand, highlights your message and gives your digital storefront a fresh face. Hire a good designer or learn to do it yourself if you are so inclined. I highly recommend Squarespace, especially if you want to DIY. 

Mistake 3: Blogging irregularly or not at all

Why it’s a mistake: If someone comes to your blog and sees that your last post was 2 years ago, it immediately gives the impression of tumbleweed blowing through a deserted town. It feels like you’ve jumped ship and abandoned your blog. Blogs are based on sharing and interaction. If you’re rarely around to interact, why would someone spend her time trying to connect?
What’s the remedy? Make a posting schedule and stick to it. You certainly don’t have to post every day but if you decide on once a week, show up and deliver.

Mistake 4: Color schemes that look unprofessional or all over the place

Why it’s a mistake: This one kind of ties in with the point on design. If you use 50 different colors or unharmonious colors, it makes your website look amateurish. You can be playful without being unprofessional.  
What’s the remedy? Understanding how color impacts mood, perception and behavior is an excellent place to start. There are lots of places to learn about the psychology of color but one of my favorites is here.

Mistake 5: Being a specialist in “everything”

Why it’s a mistake: When you say you are a life coach, a health coach, a career coach, a business coach, a family coach, a transitions coach and a lifestyle design coach, you sound unbelievable. You have to earn the trust of your potential client before she hires you. If you don't suspend her disbelief, she will never get to that place of trust. You can’t be great at all things and when you say you do everything, you dilute your expertise. Your potential client wants to hire an expert, not a Jack (or Jill) of all trades. 
What’s the remedy? Pick a couple of areas where you excel and find fulfillment and specialize in those. If you feel a great deal of resistance around that, explore what you’re really afraid of. Until you work through that, your life coaching practice will remain below its potential. 

Mistake 6: Not putting images in blog posts

Why it’s a mistake: People cannot Pin or share your images if you have no images. I get a lot of my incoming traffic from Pinterest and it’s an image based social media platform. Include a sharable image in every blog post. Don’t know where to find images? Here’s a blog post I wrote telling you where to get (legal) free images and why it matters to your blog.
What’s the remedy? Use the free picture resources available, or your own handiwork at photography, and include visually compelling pictures in your blog posts. Invest the time and effort in learning to use Photoshop and add text on your pictures, size them appropriately and etc. (remember, long images for Pinterest and square for Instagram). 

So there you have it. I hope it’s helpful. I have a passion about beautiful websites. I also have a passion around coaching. I believe in the importance of the life coaching profession and the amazing results it can bring. I believe coaches and other like-soul’ed entrepreneurs sometimes struggle for clients because their websites don’t give an accurate voice to the person behind the screen. If you’re struggling to get clients, taking an honest inventory of your website is a good place to begin.

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): If I were a visitor to my website, what would my impression be? List at least 3 things. Then consider if this is what you want to communicate to your audience.