Blogging Tip: One of the Most Common and Costly Mistakes I see Bloggers Make (and How to Fix It For Free)


Blogging is a key part of building a successful online business. Your blog is an ongoing conversation between your audience and you (even if it feels like no one’s talking on the other end!). It’s a moving, changing expression of your business essence, and it affords you a big opportunity to connect with your tribe. Several elements go into making a blog post a hit or a miss, but one of the big mistakes I see bloggers making, has to do with pictures. If you’re not giving intentional thought to the visuals of each and every one of your blog posts, you’re not giving your blog a fair chance to accomplish its mission. When you’re growing a business, time is an especially precious commodity, so you want to make every effort count. 


One of the best ways to grow your blog following is having people share your blog posts. When you write something that resonates with people, they want to share it. That’s great news for you, but not if you overlook your images. Why? Because a lot of sharing involves images. 

When something is shared on Facebook, the share link pulls up an image (if you include one in your blog post). Otherwise, it just shows text. In most cases, people are more likely to click in If it contains an image. Pinterest is a powerhouse of social sharing. Soul Print Path gets a fair amount of readers from Pintrest. You need an image in your blog post in order for a reader to share it on Pinterest (also called Pinning). 

I have personally wanted to Pin something from someone else’s blog and then felt frustrated and disappointed that there was no image for me to Pin. I wanted to share it because I thought it was helpful or brilliant but since there was no image to Pin, I clicked off and moved on. That blogger just missed a chance to get her blog post in front of a large number of people because many of the Pins one person Pins are Repinned by someone else, and so on. And she missed this opportunity all because she didn’t use an image in her blog post. 

You may be wondering where you’ll get enough images to use at least one in every blog post. Maybe you don’t love photography or think you don’t have the time. No worries on that! There are some really excellent places to get (legal) free images online. Here are 3 that I like:

Little Visuals

You can make these free stock images your own with a little photo shop and love, or leave them as they are. The idea is to include relevant, sharable images in your blog posts so that you’re getting the most mileage from your efforts. Sharable content is a big game-changer in growing your business via your blog.

Make sure you are aware of your visual vibration and that you select or create images that align with that energy. The journal prompt below is about being intentional with those qualities. 

2 Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): What are 3 qualities that I want my blog’s pictures to convey? Write the words and put a visual symbol next to each word.