Journal Prompt For Finding Your Superpowers In Times of Fear and Self-Doubt


I don’t care who you are or how great your business idea is, start putting things in motion and your fear will creep in. It’s normal. In fact, it can be a sure sign you’re moving in the right direction. Your faith is a super power…. It’s an anecdote to the mental poison of doubt. Here’s a simple journal and guided imagery exercise to help you bring in your faith during times of fear and self-doubt.

Read this next part and then take 5 minutes or so to meditate on it. When you’re finished, come back and read the 2-Minute Take Away (Journal Prompt) and set a timer for 2 minutes. Use those 2 minutes to respond to the journal prompt.... 

Imagine yourself sitting at the foot of a strong tree. The forest is lush and serene. The tree is sturdy. As you sit at it’s base, you feel grounded and secure. You notice the tree trunk glistens with tiny speckles of glitter, coming from just behind its bark. Reach out and peel a piece of the bark away. The bark is meant to be peeled and will grow back again and again. It’s okay to peel it. As you do, glitter is released into the air and swirls around your body, surrounding you in a feeling of confidence. Turn the piece of bark over in your hand and read the word on the back of it. Written in golden glitter is a word that describes why you are capable of succeeding in your business. Read the word again and allow it to sink into your soul. Inhale deeply, bringing the assurance all the way into the center of your being. Repeat the process of peeling away the bark and reading words that remind you of your capability and security. When you feel satisfied, mentally thank the tree for reminding you of what you needed to remember. Take a deep breath and leave this place, returning back to the present moment.

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): As you revealed the words from the tree bark, what one word stood out to you most? What does your inner knowing want to say to you about that word?