2-Minute Journal Prompt to Help You Be Happier and Feel More Fulfilled


Many of us are familiar with making to-do lists, and then working to cross off the goals from our piece of paper. The problem is, focusing on what we want to accomplish just scratches the surface. Happiness is more deeply rooted in how we feel than in what we have. So, I'm sharing a 3-step journal prompt that you can use to help you clarify what you want to feel and how to have more of that feeling show up in your life. As with the other journal prompts on the blog, you can do this in as little as two minutes. Not a bad return on investment if it brings you more happiness, right?

I have two different journals; one is for business stuff and the other is for personal exploration and emotional healing. Personal and business areas often cross over and blend together, but I like keeping one dedicated journal for each area. As you explore and see the connected relationship between all things, you might opt to keep one journal for everything or to break them down into areas as I do. Either way is great. Just show up and write. 

I will explain the 3 steps of the prompt and then recap it more briefly in the 2-Minute Takeaway space at the end of the blog post….

Step 1: How do you want to feel? For my journal entry today, I drew a little tree because I wanted to feel more rooted in safety and love. 


You can write, draw or a combination of both for this area. Try to identify 1-3 ways you want to feel more of. We are always calling various qualities into our lives. This part of the journal prompt supports you in being intentional about what qualities you want to call in to your life.

Step 2: Now that you have clarity around how you want to feel, you can name 1 way to support that for the week. So, for example, if I want to feel more love, I might write affirmation cards that I can look at daily, reminding me that I am loved and held dear. Or, if I want to feel more healthy and well, I might drink a daily cup of ginger lemon tea, to support that desire. Step 1 is about the desire and Step 2 is about the intention that supports receiving what you desire. Try to write down 1 or 2 actions that will support each of the ways you said you wanted to feel in Step 1. 

Step 3: Write an inspirational statement to your self. Mine was that Jesus loves me and He understands my heart. Yours can be anything that you intuitively feel you need to remember or “hear”. 

I think doing this on Mondays works well because it’s like having a little planning meeting with your self. It sets an intention for the week and it helps you focus your energy on how you want to feel instead of getting X number of things done or buying this or that and so on. 

Try it for a month. Spend 2 minutes per week on this 3-step journal prompt and see if it makes a difference in your level of happiness and satisfaction. I think it will make a change for the better. Please feel free to comment and let our community know your experience with using this journal prompt.

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): Answer the following 3 questions for the upcoming week…. How do you want to feel? What can you do to support yourself in feeling those feelings? What is something your inner self needs to be reminded of for inspiration this week?