8 Timeless Rules for Marketing with Kindness


Kind Marketing

In marketing, as in life, there are some foundational rules, that if followed, help people want to know and interact with you. I mean, you really don't want to be the obnoxious one that everyone at the party tries to avoid. Here are 8 rules to help you market your business without coming off like a jerk....

1. When someone answers your Tweet, Facebook post, question you ask on your blog or so forth, reply to them.

If someone takes the time to interact with you via social media, show your appreciation by replying to them. We all have a limited amount of minutes in the day and if someone chooses to spend their limited minutes reaching out to you, you can honor that by replying back to them. Remember, social media is social. If you ignore people, they feel undervalued and it isn't likely that they will bother interacting with you again.

2. Give without expectation of reward.

One of the best ways to market your business is to add value without trying to make a sale in the process. No one likes to be sold to but everyone likes to receive what they deem as valuable. Trust me, you will sell more services or products by adding real value without sounding like a non-stop infomercial than you will ever sell doing the latter.

3. Listen.

People are in a state of longing to be listened to. It's one of the reason they seek out life coaching. It's one of the reasons for depression. We live in a society where people are busy, compartmentalized and stressed. Even though people have cell phone to ear almost everywhere you go, real communication has dropped to a stunted level. Because of this, holding space and really listening to your tribe is huge. People get super excited when they can tell you actually care about what they're saying.

4. Be polite.

If someone says thanks, say you're welcome. If someone does something nice for you, try to return their kindness. If you think someone's blog post is really helpful, comment and say so. If someone Re Tweets your Tweet, tell them you appreciate it. I remember having a medical test done and being nervous and so stressed out, and I thanked the tech for something and he said "you're welcome". That little sentence which took maybe 2 seconds of his time meant a lot to me at that moment. I felt seen and human and respected. That is much better than feeling like you don't matter. Much better.

5. Be honest.

Would you ever want to be friends or hang out with a liar? Me either. I absolutely hate feeling like someone is posturing and trying to act like they have all the answers, all the time. I guarantee, I am not alone in feeling that way. Be real and just offer what you have to offer. Don't worry that it isn't enough. It is enough and you are enough. And the tribe you are meant to serve needs to see you in the light of reality. They can't do that if you're busy pretending to be someone else.

6. Be consistent.

If you blog every 3 days for a month and then not at all for 6 months, people will assume you've given up on your blog. It will look as if you are not committed to your movement. The same goes for Twitter, Pinterest and all the rest. You have to show up on a regular basis so that the people looking for you can find you and have regular opportunities to engage with you.

7. Start with the internal stuff.

You probably know that before you get seriously involved in a relationship, you should work on any internal issues and become secure and in harmony with your self. The same principle applies to growing your business. One of the things I teach in the Soul Print Journey course is that to be authentically successful as social entrepreneurs, we need to bring the inner self into healed harmony with the outer practices of business building. Put the inner critic to bed, heal from confidence issues, get into communication with your core dream(s) and so forth. Without that, you're putting the cart before the horse. Growing a business from a place of internal chaos is very difficult and even if somewhat successful, yields an inauthentic result.

8. Treat people as you wish to be treated.

This is a truly timeless concept. If you treat others as you want to be treated, you will magnetize positive energy to you. Ever have that kind of day where you start out with losing your keys, closely followed by spilling coffee on your white blouse and topped off by dropping your cell phone in the dish water? Yeah, me too. Doesn't it seem like it just snowballs once things start going wrong? That's no coincidence. We have the ability to attract what we focus on and what we devote energy to. The up side to that is you can make the choice to attract kindness, love, positivity and success. If you want people to be genuine and kind toward you, be genuine and kind toward them.

We are in an exciting time of a shift in the paradigm of modern entrepreneurship. As helping, empathetic human beings you are poised to have great success because you feel deeply and you care.

I hope this list has been helpful. Please share it if you think it can add value to someone else.

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): When I reframe my definition of marketing to one of lovingly sharing my offerings with my community, I feel _____________. What can I do to bring more of this loving sentiment into my marketing?