Art Journal Prompt for Clarity

An art journal prompt for clarifying your dream

Sometimes you know for sure that you're meant to do something more, but you can't quite see the vision clearly. I created this art journal prompt to help you receive clarity around what your heart desires. This creative exercise can be applied to any situation where you need to gain clarity and focus. The most important thing to remember as you work with the Face of the Dream is that there is no one right way to express yourself in this exercise. Technique is totally irrelevant and you do not need to consider yourself "an artist" to receive the benefits of this kind of expression.

I have created an audio version of this art journal prompt as well as the text version, below. Please use and share in whatever ways you find beneficial.

Text version of the Face of the Dream Art Journal Prompt:

Sometimes, you become so good at ignoring your soul voice that its messages only partially come through to you. This happens for many reasons like limiting beliefs about money or soul-stunting lessons learned in childhood.

As time passes and your soul tries to magnetize you in the direction of your soul dream, you feel a sense of knowing something is missing, but unclear on what you’re meant to do.Sometimes you can also feel like you have a general direction but you need more specific clarity about what to do next.

In this creative prompt, you will connect with and give visual voice to your soul dream. Your soul wants to give you the answers, and when you learn to work with – instead of against – your soul’s voice of knowing, you will receive the clarity you need.

For this creative art journal exercise you need:

  • 2 sheets of paper
  • either watercolor paint, colored pencils or markers
  • Optional:  newspaper clippings, magazine excerpts or other elements that align with your soul dream’s energy

Close your eyes and visualize a circle of soft light on the horizon in front of you. As the circle of light slowly moves toward you, you can feel warm energy radiating from within the circle. The circle has no color except that it is bright, pure light. As you feel the energy growing closer to your body, notice the safety and freedom you experience as the circle of soft light moves closer and closer.

Inside the circle of light are all the tools you need to create the face of your soul dream. Step inside the circle now and breathe in the knowing, love and empowerment inside this brilliant space.

A pair of sparkling headphones rest on the table before you, within the circle of light. Reach for them now and put them on. When you have the headphones on, ask your soul dream to reveal its essence to you.

Is your soul dream male or female, or neither…. Or both? What is your soul dream’s strongest facial feature? What energy is conveyed through its eyes? Is it young or old?… Listen deeply for the answer. Words will come. Write them down on one of your sheets of paper. Allow your soul dream to continue to express and try not to question yourself about what you hear. Trust the process and your inner knowing.

When you feel that your soul dream has given you all you need to create a visual representation of it, create the face of your soul dream on your other sheet of paper.

Take time to see this piece of soulful art in all of its facets, feeding from the wisdom and direction it provides.

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): What does your dream want you to know about how you're feeling right now?