Art Journal Prompt: Gifts Within


Many business coaches teach their clients to assess the competition. Supposedly, this is to ensure that their business is unique and their market isn't "over-served". Comparing the business birthed from my heart to the businesses of others immediately feels negative, for me. I know my tribe well enough to have a pretty good guess that it feels negative to you, as well. So here's some good news:

I don't care how logical they make it sound to assess your competition, you can grow a thriving life coaching business without comparing yourself to anyone else. Here's why....There is no such thing as an over-served market. And since there is only one you in this whole universe, your business is bound to be unique as long as you allow your true self to show through in your business. All this stuff about "what is so-and-so doing with her business?" and "yeah, but... that guy is already covering my niche and he has more money and years of success to boost him higher than my fledgling business" and on and on... it feeds fear, negativity and the brutal inner critic. None of that is good for your business, or for you as a human being.

Here's a creative art journal prompt to try when you feel the urge to compare yourself to another life coach... you will need colored pencils or crayons and a sheet of paper.

Sit in silence for 5 minutes. Allow your mind to tune inward and resist entertaining any purposeful thought pattern. When you have centered yourself, draw 3 boxes on your paper. Use whatever colors you're attracted to for this. Inside each box, write 1 word that represents a gift within you that you freely give your clients when working together. Do this for each of the 3 boxes. For me, my 3 words might be INTUITION in box 1, CREATIVITY in box 2 and LOVE in the third box. It does not matter if 2 people have the same words in their gift boxes because each of us expresses our gifts in our own ways. Isn't that amazing?!

Now, you can decorate the boxes and the page background however you'd like. When you feel as though you need to compare yourself to others in your industry, use this page to remind yourself that you have unique gifts and you are enough. If you utilize a dream board or inspiration board, this page might make a helpful addition to your board.

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): 5 Things I love about me are....