8 Lies Your Inner Critic Tells When You Go After Your Dream

The inner critic. That creeping voice of doubt is one of the biggest reasons that so many people get stuck. It doesn't matter if you're usually a secure, confident person or if you tend to be the self-analytical type; when you move toward birthing your dream business, your inner critic surfaces and does her best to keep you where you are.

Sometimes that happens because you have some healing work to do and other times it happens because she is just trying to keep you safe. The thing is, if you stay in that safe spot, you may never live your awesome dream.

The inner critic is a wonderful lie teller. She can twist half-truths into elaborate discourses about why you are destined to fail. She can bring to mind things that happened many years ago and have you feeling as though isolated incidents define you. While she seems powerful, you are the one giving her the power. The good news about that is you are also capable of taking her power away.

To break free from your inner critic you have to recognize her lies. Once you see lies for what they are, they become powerless over you. Here is a list of eight common lies of the inner critic and the powerful truths you can use to disarm their influence over you.

1. You're not ready yet.

If you felt a pull to do something "more", it is time to do it. If you wait for everything to line up perfectly, you will never start. Life can be a bumpy ride. That's why human beings are wonderfully equipped to flow with change and adapt to new situations. This time next year, do you really want to feel the pangs of regret because you decided to wait until everything was in order? Just start. 

2. Someone else already has that covered.

There are probably lots of people doing something similar to what you want to do. Who cares? There can be 1 other person doing it or 100,000 other people doing it but there is only one you. This is why building a great brand is key to success with your own business. The more your essence is infused throughout your business, the higher the value of what you offer. When we compare ourselves to other women, we perpetrate an act of violence against ourselves. Resist the urge to compare and believe that no one has the covered how you will cover it.

3. You don't know enough.

If you need to gain knowledge relevant to your soulprint business, do that on the side, as you build it. The tendency is to keep taking class after class under the assumption that the more you know, the better prepared you will be and therefore the higher the level of success you will enjoy. Wrong. You can read more books, take more classes and earn more certifications and at the end of the day, you still have to jump in and DO it to work out the kinks and iron out the wrinkles. Experience is a great teacher and you almost always know more than you think you know.

4. No one cares about that.

Oh shut up, inner jerk. Yes, people do care about that thing that makes you light up with enthusiastic bliss. If you have a passion, it is there for a purpose. There are absolutely other people who are interested and want what you have for them. We are all connected and if no one else cared about what you will offer, you simply would not feel the draw towards it. But you do. So, they care. You have a tribe out there and it's part of your journey to find them and bring them your amazing dream.

5. You won't make enough money.

Money is a form of affirmation. When you do soul aligned work, values-honoring work,  the affirmations will mirror your actions. Once you have detoxified from the negative stories and learned to communicate your amazing dream in authentic ways, the money will follow. 

6. You are going to fail.

Along this journey, you might find that you need to step back and start again. You might even have to start again more than once. That's not failure; it's learning. As long as you keep the difference in perspective, you will not fail. I mean, the first time I put on liquid eye liner, I looked like a racoon. I definitely started a few times on that endeavor. Sometimes you just have to wash your face and try again.

7. You don't have time to do this.

People are busy. And they seem to think they will have time to live their dreams "later". I'm not sure if you've noticed this, but you're probably as busy or busier now than you were at this time last year. We have a certain number of days on this planet and if you put off your dream in hopes of finding a better time to embrace it, you're gambling with fate. Regret is a bitter mistress; just start now.

8. Everyone will laugh at you.

Nope. Not even close. Oh, some may snicker here and there but many more will be thankful that you have shown up with soul on sleeve to birth this dream. And some will secretly envy your courage in being pursuing your dream. Your tribe will be joyful that you have come for them... for you. The ones who need to support you, will.

The inner critic shows up when you are getting close to realizing your dream. Take it as a positive sign that you are almost there. And on the days when none of this seems to quiet the critical voice in your head? Just keep going. Tomorrow is a new day, dear heart.

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Prompt): What would your heart say to your inner critic if they sat down to talk?