Jenny Good

Below you can read some things about me and learn about part of my story and how that might relate to you and your story.

Before we go deeper, here's a bit about what you might expect from me...

I'm a Christian hippie with a soft spot for lemon water and kind people. My head shots are not high-end studio photographs. If I post video, it will more than likely be shot from my phone and I probably won't be wearing makeup. Serving my commune{ity} matters to me, and that's where I want to focus my energy most in my business. If this space becomes pretentious, I've taken a wrong turn. There's plenty of that already out there and that's not who I am.

I didn't know what I wanted to do.

I know how uncertain it can feel when you're stuck between believing in yourself and paying the bills... knowing you have something important to put into the world but feeling unsure of what it is or what it will "look like".  I lingered in a job I didn't love because I had bills to pay (and lots of excuses to avoid going after my dreams). I thought all the other people I saw running online business had it together, and I felt lost. I was embarrassed that I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up, long after I'd grown up.

It's easy to feel stuck. 

My wake up call came on September 27, 2008.

On September 27, 2008, I received a phone call that changed my life. On that day, my 12-year-old son went to be with Jesus. It was a profoundly sorrowful time for me. In the days and weeks after I lost Zarse, people shared stories about his passion, kindness and inspiring nature. You never needed to guess about who Zarse was or what he dreamed of doing. He lived with so much passion. Zarse's light was bright and clear. As I reflected on how he impacted people in the twelve years he was with us, I thought, what if we all lived like that? What if we all lived with such a courage to declare our dreams and go after them with all our hearts? As I moved along my grief journey, I did some soul searching about what really mattered to me and what I wanted to do with my time on this earth.

It was time to stop hiding behind a job I hated and to get out from under our "stuff".


My other two children and I traded our 4-bedroom suburban house for a small space in a hippie village. We reduced our "stuff" load and made room in our lives for more love, creativity and joy. We made changes to create a nurturing, intentional environment in our family and our living space.

My children left public school and I stepped back from a career as the Marketing and Creative Director of a financially lucrative but soul-draining business. I wanted a career that aligned with my values and spoke to my heart; I started training to be a life coach. Along my intentional living journey, I became a fan of tiny houses and modern homesteading. The culture and community of communal and small village living spoke to me on a deep level. I loved learning about people who went off the beaten path and started businesses and lifestyles that fit them. I wanted to combine my coaching skills with my passion for intentional self-employment, to support my tribe in going off grid with their careers.

We need people who can coach the dream *and* understand business.

I became a Registered Profiting From Your Passions Coach. I went back to college and completed a degree with a Marketing focus.

I researched what it takes to enjoy successful self-employment. I also gained the valuable experience of running multiple entrepreneurial ventures. 

Every lesson I learned, whether from books or experience, helps me help my tribe to succeed.

I think too many options out there are either all about the touchy feely side of finding your business idea, or they're all about the business part, leaving your heart out of the equation. I've developed a hybrid approach that balances your values and energy with market research and viability analysis.

My vision for Soul Print Path and for you...

I envision Soul Print Path as an imaginary forest where you can lose yourself in learning, fun and adventure. My want Soul Print Path to be a virtual retreat space for people who want to live and work in meaningful ways. 

I teach, hold space, coach, listen and guide, as needed. All stops on this adventure are safe places where you can pull up a chair (or a floor pillow!) and discuss your business, your self and your dreams, over a warm mug. 

You'll find quiet support instead of of loud push tactics. You'll find real answers instead of low-value fluff. You'll find clarity amidst chaos, and rustic atmosphere instead of a mainstream polished enterprise. 

Whether you work with me or simply come by to read the blog, I hope your experience leads to inspiration, clarity, clients and living in truth. I truly believe that you can run a thriving business that makes the world a better place, and I hope my work supports you in doing that.

Be easy, brothers and sisters. We can figure it out, together. 

Some Other Stuff About Me

I have a deep Christian Faith

I support unschooling 

I get excited about string lights

British mystery movies? Yes, please

I crochet

I love snow storms

I sing

I am an advocate of ATV safety legislation, midwifery and natural childbirth - among other things

I want to matriarch a tiny house commune{ity}

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