If you want to run a thriving business of your own, get these 3 things right:

your business idea + your pre-marketing bridge + your mindset

Running a successful business of your own is immensely rewarding, but the path to that place can seem unclear. Do you want to work for yourself but feel unsure of what you want to do? You might have so many ideas, it's hard to decide.

Maybe you're afraid of failure.

Or maybe you're solid on your business idea, but you want to attract more clients (this often happens due to missing an important bridge between the business idea and the marketing efforts).

I get it. I started working for myself more than a decade ago. I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do at first. My inner critic showed up full force, and there were twists and turns to navigate. As a single mom, I took a big risk, but I did it.

I'm still doing it. And you can too. 


Hi, I'm Jenny.

I'm a mindset and business coach specializing in successful self-employment for people on the path to intentional living.

I can help you discover your customized self-employment idea and position your business and your mind to thrive.

This is about...

  • De-compartmentalizing your values and your career.

  • Making money doing work you love.

  • Success on your terms.

  • Freedom.

  • You.

Let's get you to the right place. Click on the statement below that best describes how you feel.