Copywriting And Web Copy Services

I firmly believe that to deliver authentic messaging, your website should contain your words. That doesn’t mean you have to wing it and hope for the best. I help coaches create their website copy by asking the right questions and giving a blueprint for where to plug the answers in on your website. The result is compelling copy that connects with your ideal clients but still sounds like you. It means you can write your site without stress or overwhelm. It also means you don’t have to hire a copywriter every time you want to create a sales page or make a change to your web copy. #teachacoachtofish

Here’s how it works:

  • We have a 20-minute phone consultation and I ask some questions about your current site (if applicable), your brand, your ideal client and the scope of your project. We iron out the details and we set up 1 phone call for each page of your website that you want to write or overhaul. So if you want to do the Main page and the About page, we set up 2 future phone calls to get that done.
  • In each subsequent call, I plug your answers into my blueprint and at the end of the call, I send you the copy for your website page. All you need to do it copy and paste it in (if you need help, let me know).
  • At the end of our final session, I send you the blue print for each page we wrote so that you have it for future reference. So, if you want to redo that page in the future, just whip out the blueprint and fill in the blanks. 

Investment: The investment for Copy Coaching is $125 per page or $325 for a 3-page package (most common pages would be Main, About and Work with Me).

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