Hi, I'm Jenny. Here are a few good to know things, so we're on the same page:

I'm different from many business coaches, brand strategists and insert similar titles here. My head shots are not high-end studio photographs. If I post video, it will more than likely be shot from my phone and I probably won't be wearing makeup. I don't have a team of people working for me, so when you make an inquiry about my services, I'm the one who replies. I am a real woman and I provide real service to my clients. Quality matters to me in a huge way. Over-delivering value is signature to my business. If this space ever becomes pretentious or overly airbrushed and commercialized, I've taken a wrong turn. There's plenty of that already out there and it's just not who I am. So, now that we have that out of the way....

I'm on a mission to teach purpose-driven business owners to attract clients and enjoy profitable, meaningful businesses.

I know how uncertain it can feel when you're stuck between believing in yourself and paying the bills... knowing you have something important to put into the world but feeling like you just aren't connecting to the people who want what you offer. I've been there. I lingered in a job I didn't love because I had bills to pay (and lots of excuses to avoid going after my dreams). Then, I got a wakeup call that reminded me how important it is to shine your light while you're here...

My wake up call

In 2008, my 12-year-old son went to be with Jesus. It was a profoundly sorrowful time for me. In the days and weeks after I lost Zarse, so many people told me stories about his passion, kindness and inspiring nature. People never needed to guess about who Zarse was or what he dreamed of doing; He lived with so much passion, it was plain to see. Zarse's light was bright and clear. As I reflected on how he impacted people in the twelve years he was with us, I thought, what if we all lived like that? What if we all lived with such a courage to declare our dreams and go after them with all our hearts? As I moved along my grief journey, I did some soul searching about what really mattered to me and what I wanted to do with my time on this earth.

Things needed to change and it was time to stop hiding behind a job I hated.

My other two children and I traded our 4-bedroom suburban house for a 600-square-foot studio loft in a Bohemian village. We reduced our "stuff" load by about 70% and made room in our lives for more love, creativity and joy. We made changes to create a nurturing, intentional environment in our family and our living space; This is an ongoing work in progress.

My children left public school and I stepped back from a career as the Marketing and Creative Director of a financially successful (but soul-draining) business. I embraced a career that aligned with my values and spoke to my heart. I was going to be a life coach. But the thing was (and I would realize this later), while I loved coaching, I found myself even more engaged with branding, marketing and what it takes to run a successful purpose-driven business. 

I set out to find myself a coach. What an eye opener!

I did a great deal of research as I considered the business I wanted to run. I became a Registered Profiting From Your Passions Coach and I went back to college to wrap up my degree. Believing in the potential of coaching, I set out to hire myself a coach. What an eye opener! In one consultation, a coach offered to sell me social media followers (Um. No.). I paid a hefty price for another coach to do basically nothing to help me with gaining clarity, which was why I hired her. I also did a consultation with a supposed marketing specialist for coaches, only to have a basic question answered with "I don't know." The frustration was building.

Did he really just call his community gullible and stupid?

Then, while browsing YouTube videos, I came across this "expert" on client attraction for life coaches... He remarked that he could say anything, no matter how silly, and his followers would call him brilliant and praise him for it. I mean, he was openly insulting a community of people who trusted him and paid for his help. He thought it was witty. I thought it was repulsive. 

And then it hit me right over my head.

A friend called me, upset and confused. She spent $10,000 from her retirement funds for a program that was supposed to teach her to attract coaching clients. A big name coach ran the show and she was quite good at selling her "high-end" program.

The problem was, my friend was getting no real benefit from the program. She felt frustrated and sorry she'd spent the money on something that wasn't getting her clients. As we talked, she told me about some of the things she was unclear on. I offered explanations and tried to help her get unstuck. By the time the conversation wrapped up, she was laughing and the energy felt so much easier than before.

She told me she was leaving our phone call with more clarity and understanding than she received in all of her dealings with the $10,000 program.

She even said she wished she'd paid me the money instead of the big name program (Me too! Oh, me too.). But BOOM. The light bulb finally came on in my head. Our community deserves better; Purpose-driven business owners need more right-brained, intelligent, capable, honest, communicative, intuitive and creative teachers. 

Soul Print Path was born.

My Vision for Soul Print Path and for you...

Soul Print Path is an imaginary forest. It's a place where purpose-driven business owners lose themselves in learning, fun and adventure. My vision for Soul Print Path is that there are different cabins, cottages and coves, each holding lessons, knowledge and transformational experiences.

I serve you as a lantern tender; I teach, hold space, listen and guide, as needed. All stops on this adventure are safe places where you can pull up a chair and discuss your business, your self and your dreams over a warm mug. In this richly imaginative atmosphere, you can relax and learn what you need to know to stand out from the noise and attract clients and customers to your business.

You'll find quiet support instead of of loud push tactics. You'll find real answers instead of fluffed up programs with little real value. You'll find clarity amidst chaos and rustic atmosphere instead of the same old overdone enterprise. 

Whether you work with me or simply come by to read the blog, I want your experience to lead you to inspiration, clarity, empowerment, clients and abundance. I truly believe that you can run a thriving business that makes the world a better place. I hope that my work supports you in doing exactly that.

Feel at ease here. Know that we can figure it out, together. 


Some Other Stuff About Me...

I have a deep Christian Faith.

I support unschooling.

My alter-ego is a turtle.

I am one part hippie and one part geek, way down in my soul. I sometimes refer to my children as mommy's geeklings :-)

I have what might be an addiction to lemon water.

I get excited about string lights.

I love Nancy Drew mysteries.

Gypsies fascinate me.

Quantum Physics fascinates me.

I crochet.

Murder She Wrote marathons make me very, very excited.

I sing and write poetry.

I am an advocate of ATV safety legislation, midwifery and natural childbirth - among other things.

I would love to own a tiny cabin, powered with solar energy and made with eco-friendly materials (Renewable wood walls and weathered tin roof? Yes, please!).


These are my children and they inspire me every single day (From your left to right: Zarse, Christian and Holly). No matter what I do, I believe that mothering them will be among my highest honors and biggest accomplishments in this life.