Option 1: Soul Print Single Session

Because maybe you just want an hour of you time, to help you get things clear.

I would send you some questions via email. Your answers help me know what you want to work on and how to best serve you. After your 60-minute session, I follow up with a soul note, which is a custom graphic I make for you, containing key points, and perhaps a little intuition. The call is recorded so you don't need to take notes and you can refer back to the recording again and again. The investment for the Single Session is $250. If you apply the insights you receive from this session and gain even 1 client, I think your benefits will more than cover the investment of $250. 

Option 2: Soul Print Retreat

Because the right insights and a clear plan can change the course of your business.

 We would spend 4 hours totally diving into your business. In the half-day retreat, I guide you through questions designed to holistically look at your brand, marketing, audience, website, social media, pricing, offerings and the words your sales copy (Don’t worry if you don’t have some of that in place. I custom tailor your half-day retreat to fit you where you are right now). Within 24 hours of your retreat, I would email you a digital plan, recapping what we discovered, and mapping out your next steps. This retreat can change the course of your business. The investment for the half-day retreat is $700.

Option 3: Jenny On Retainer

Because ongoing support at a deep discount is pretty cool. 

This is a unique offering that I extend to a limited number of clients. We would meet up by phone for 1 session per month. You would receive an email with some questions prior to the session, which would help me know how to best serve you during our time together. After the session, you’d receive the soul note digital card, recapping and perhaps offering a little intuitive insight. Your per session rate would be substantially discounted to $100 per month. In turn, you would commit to 6 months of this sort of coaching. In 6 months, you could decide if you want to continue. I like this setup because it allows me to have greater regularity of income and it allows you to receive ongoing coaching and support at an affordable rate.

Hire me!

If any of these options work for you, email me and let me know. In your email, please include the top 3 things you'd like to get from coaching with me. This helps me be sure that I can deliver what you're seeking and sets clear expectations for our work together. After receiving you're email, I should be in touch within 24 hours.