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You have a business and you’re good at what you do. You know there are people out there who will benefit from what you offer. The problem is, there's so much marketing noise that your potential clients aren't noticing you. No matter how great your offer is or how wonderful you are at what you do, it boils down to this: If they can’t “see you”, they won’t do business with you. 

So, how do you get on the radar of the people who want what you offer?

>> You get clear on what makes your business truly unique
>> You create a solid brand
>> You communicate your brand essence in every part of your business

These 3 steps will get you noticed by the right people, and once you have their attention and interest, you have a huge opportunity to build a relationship with them. That's the spot where trust guides prospective clients to become paying clients. 

Building your brand is about unearthing your secret sauce. It’s about discovering the soul print of your business, the unique energy that makes you stand out. It’s about the experience you provide to the people who interact with you. 

Building a powerful brand is vital to attracting clients, yet so many purpose-driven business owners overlook their brands. I want to change that, so I created Soul Print Brand, a 4-module eCourse that guides you through how to unearth your brand and get noticed by people who will gladly pay for what you offer.

Here’s what you get when you enroll:

>> Digital heart-work (like homework but better) that guides you through discovering your amazing sauce, the unique essence you bring to the table (hint: it’s not the thing you do for a living!)

>> Total clarity around who your ideal client is and where you can connect with her

>> Digital exercises that unearth the value in what you do for your clients. We often get so lost in the modalities and methods we use that we lose track of what really matters to our tribe. Are you delivering what they really want? If you struggle to communicate the value you offer, do you think your potential clients will be able to see the value for themselves?

>> A digital brand book that serves as a map for everything about your brand. You’ll discover the colors reflect your brand, your soul print voice for blog posts, your brand message and which social media platforms work for your brand.. all of this will be available to you in one clear, easy place… your brandbook

>> A 30-minute Brand Chat by phone. After you finish all the modules of the program, we spend 30 minutes discussing any questions you may have and making sure you walk away from this experience feeling empowered, clear and ready to attract more clients with your powerful brand

Who is Soul Print Brand for?

Soul Print Brand is for you if you’re a purpose-driven business owner who wants to:

>> Get clear on your unique personal brand
>> Stand out and be noticed by prospective clients
>> Easily articulate the real value in your offerings
>> Know who your ideal client is and where to connect with her
>> Craft a powerful brand message
>> Zero in on which social media networks are worth your time
>> Attract more clients that fit like a glove
>> Receive personal 1-on-1 attention without committing to a longer program with a larger price tag 

Here’s how it works:

Each week’s module is delivered to your email Inbox on the Monday of that week 

You read the lesson and do the heart-work

You schedule your 30-minute brand chat (brand chat is done by phone) with me 

I call you for our brand chat and we make sure you feel clear on everything you’ve learned in the course

The investment for Soul Print Brand is $299. If you tweak your branding and get just one paying client from what you learn in this course, you will more than recover the entire investment of the course. Sound good? Right on. Click the button below to sign up and I will be in touch within 24 hours.


P.S. When you enroll in Soul Print Brand, you are eligible for a 10% discount on ANY program or coaching package I offer for a full year from the time you enroll in Soul Print Brand. Consider this my way of saying welcome to the Soul Print community ☺


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