Life Coaches, You Need A List.


If you’re going to grow your LIfe coaching business, you need a list. And I’m not talking about a grocery list here, folks.

What is a list?

Who is a list, might be a better question. Your list is a group of people who thought you were cool enough to give you their email addresses in exchange for some sort of communication from you.

Why do you need a list?

These are people who want to hear from you! These are the people who are probably going to be first in the virtual line to purchase your coaching services, eBooks, courses and so forth. You should be nice to these people and email them regularly (but not super-all-the-time-spam-style).

But first, the opt-in...

Before you can bond with your list, you need to grow a list. Because if you have no one on your list… well, who would you email? Are you with me on this? To grow your list, you need to give your ideal client a powerful reason to give you her email address and become part of your list.

What should you offer?

A strong opt-in offer is anything your ideal client finds valuable enough to exchange her email for. It could be an eBook, a mini-eCourse, a video, a report about something she really [really] wants to know about… or many other things. Hint: look at Facebook groups, online forums and the like and pay attention to what questions your ideal client asks. If you see a pattern, creating something that answers that question or helps solve that problem, would probably make solid opt-in content.

Have a sign up form.

Aside from creating the content for the opt-in offer, you also need a way for your ideal client to sign up and get on your list. Your opt-in sign up form should be in a prominent place, or multiple prominent places, on your website. Again, don’t go to extremes and come off as pushy. Just make it simple, clear and easy for her to accept your invitation.

Pick a service.

Your opt-in sign up form should connect to the email service you’re using to keep the records about your list. There are multiple services to choose from, but I like Mail Chimp. You can use Mail Chimp’s free plan and send up to 12,000 emails per month, if you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers. Mail Chimp have some useful analytics features and when you hit send on your email campaigns, the little monkey high-fives you. How could you not want to high-five the monkey?

2-Minute Takeaway (Journal Assignment): Brainstorm for 2 minutes and list all the things you can create that your ideal client finds valuable.