Working for yourself can be amazing.

It starts with the right idea.

The path to working for yourself can feel unclear. Do you want to work for yourself but feel unsure of what you want to do? You might have so many ideas, you're not sure how to decide.

Maybe you're afraid your business will fail.

I get it. I started working for myself more than a decade ago. As a single mom, it might have seemed like quite a risk, but I did it. I'm still doing it. And you can too. 


Hi, I'm Jenny.

I'm a career and business coach specializing in clarity, mindset and self-employment.

My thing is about helping you find your thing...

and supporting you to live your truth.

I believe we need to do more of what matters. 

And too many people are waiting for someday.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the path to starting a meaningful, financially freeing business came with a map? Yeah, I thought so too.

Soul Print Map balances relevant self-exploration with specialized market research. That means you come away with a solid, well-aligned self-employment idea, and a clear next step. Because dreams are way cool, but taking action to make dreams happen... that's amazing.

It’s about...

De-compartmentalizing your values from your career.

Making money doing work you love.

An empowering mindset.



If you’re wondering if we’d work well together, we might fit like a glove if

  • You’re bored with status symbols and corporate politics
  • You’d choose an off grid tiny house over a decked out mansion (well, if it has wifi)
  • You're a bit of a rebel
  • You have an entrepreneurial bent
  • You're ready for something different
  • You think kindness is really important

It’s your life and I hope you fill it with what truly matters. If what you’re reading resonates with you, send me a note and let’s talk about your next step.